January 12, 2011 § 1 Comment

Oh, how quickly things can come-a-tumblin’ down.
In the space of a week or so, I have managed to fall desperately into a funk.  My last post was so nice, so optimistic (who thought of that title?), and so grateful.
Of course I’m still holding on tight to the things I am thankful for- that list won’t budge- but I am still having a hard time right now.

Without drudging through the inescapably morose details, let’s say that it involves employment, mainly, and what the heck I’m doing with myself. I can’t take it anymore, yet the good ideas I thought I was having have been bizarrely thwarted (beyond all comprehension).  You know the kind I’m talking about- the kind you think are brilliant and would make you happy, then you innocently stumble upon the thwart and your heart literally falls into your stomach with that Square One Feeling, the kind where you want to look up and ask the ceiling, “is this a joke?”

No, really.  Is it?

What’s in store for this house?  God only knows.



§ One Response to Backtracking

  • ma says:

    >Just like your blog profile states "you are a girl finding her way", and trust God that you will find it because He is leading your path. Just keep your focus looking up and He will move you onward and towards His path for you. I can say this with certainity!!!!! Ma is here to help, too, if you need a good listner to bounce your thoughts off of. xxoo

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