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February 1, 2011 § 3 Comments

First, I’d like to say that onions will be the death of me. They’re like my kryptonite- if anyone wants to take my purse or steal my car, forget gunpoint.  Put an open onion in my face. I will become immediately incapacitated. Cutting one up means instantaneous blindness and consequently operating a knife with my eyes closed.  Not good.
Sticking my head in a freezer.

This works.  I promise.  I’m not just trying to get you to stick your head in the freezer like a fool.

Secondly, I have become increasingly domestic as of late (hence the onion story). Yesterday it was meatloaf and mashed potatoes and today it’s the Crock Pot. I’m not sure how I feel about this.  Some days it’s delightful.  I’ve never been much of a cook (*collective gasp*), but it’s nice when we’ve planned a menu and I have the time to screw it up and make it right again (this requires absolutely no one in the kitchen but yours truly, with no witnesses and no judgement as I do things wrong, i.e. “my way”).
Then there are other days where I am chopping away, say at 3pm because it’s for the Crock Pot and when it’s for the Crock Pot it needs to sit for four hours, and I stop to think, “other people are working right now.  Other mature, successful, non-stay-at-home-moms, are unable to chop for the Crock Pot because they are working.  Hm.”  And suddenly the romance is gone.
But dinner’s gotta get done.  Someone in this family has to bring home the bacon and someone’s gotta cook it.

Thirdly, Kenny and I went on quite the adventure Saturday night. Barring our recent Dairy Queen Escapade, we aren’t exactly “spontaneous.” But we got bees in our bonnets and decided that we wanted Olive Garden and to watch Mary Poppins. This meant Lynnwood and, well, finding Mary Poppins.  Let’s just say that after selling some of our old VHS movies at Half Price Books for a grand total of $3.25, searching their kid’s movies, calling another store, and finally just heading to Olive Garden in defeat, we spotted a Goodwill and gave it a shot.  Well, I stood in line with a buzzer (who knew the Garden was the place to BE?) while Kenny ran to Goodwill.
Note: Kenny was wearing the glorious boat shoes I gave him for an 80’s party and haven’t let him throw out. They are hysterical.  I die every time he wears them, which is usually his point. And it’s raining outside.  And Goodwill is a distance. He ran, in the boat shoes, in the rain.
He came back with Mary Poppins, purchased for $0.54 on VHS, and I believe we jumped up and down in celebration in the lobby of the packed Olive Garden.
We fit right in.
So that was our Saturday night.  It was bliss.

That’s all, folks.  Just some thoughts.  🙂


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