A little bit of German town

February 9, 2011 § 2 Comments

As brownies bake (don’t worry- the $0.99 kind, nothing homemade…I mean, come on), I thought I would mention what fun Kenny and I had in Leavenworth this last weekend.
Yes, we “took a weekend” like we’ve been doing it for years. Well, that’s not true.
Maybe, just maybe, every other minute or so we stopped to exclaim, “This is NOT normal” or “I am your wife. Isn’t that CRAZY?”  But other than that- we were pros. Walking around, dining, taking pictures, buying hats, sampling olive oil, etc.
I would just like to say that, out of our little cocoon on 88th, it felt more real to be married.  We had planned our trip, decided how to spend our time, and thoroughly enjoyed ourselves.  Outside of the honeymoon which, let’s be honest, is more terrifying than anything else (I mean that in the best way possible, of course- in the suddenly-I’m-flying-away-for-two-weeks-with-this-person-and-changing-my-name sort of way) we haven’t tested this new marriage out and given it wings.
Now we have. Bavarian wings, if you will.

And it was good.  🙂


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§ 2 Responses to A little bit of German town

  • ma says:

    >I CANNOT STOP LAUGHING!!!!!!!!HYSTERICALLY FUNNY.Laughing so hard I am crying. Picture is, indeed, worth a thousand words. Love it, love it, love you two. P.S. Note…NO dots on them, thar bananas. Just they way ma likes'em :-)xxoo

  • Anonymous says:

    >Well Kids I absolutely love the hats! Kenny, dapper as ever. Nat, you have materialized your true inner being – a bowl of bananas on your head!!! I love you guys from Keith

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