Daylight in the swamp!

February 25, 2011 § 1 Comment

Nearly every morning of my childhood, my mother would slowwwwwly turn the doorknob to my room, gently opening the door to reveal her hair in some state of curling or teasing, and sing-song, “daylight in the swwaaaaamp!” Usually, my cat would climb up on the bed soonafter and my mother would retreat, letting the daylight in my swamp really set in and wake me up to start the day.
In my swamp.

Lost?  Well, that look on your face is the one I’ve been encountering since I was old enough to share this story with friends who had no idea what I was talking about.
But it’s daylight in the swamp, nonetheless.
I am with coffee, sitting in the sunshine in my kitchen, thinking about going to the zoo today with Amber and Emma, and thoroughly thrilled.  There’s some snow still on the ground, the skies are blue, and it’s gonna be gorgeous.  It’s one of those activities, with the exact right people, that fills your heart with anticipation and joy.  Nowehere along the way is there risk of disenchantment- no threat of rain as far as the eye can see, unadulterated time, and the zoo. All signs point to “fun”.
I just felt like letting the blog world know that today.  It’s gonna be great and full of joy. There will be skipping, giggling, pointing, and pictures.
And I’m sure Emma will have fun, too.  😉



§ One Response to Daylight in the swamp!

  • ma says:

    >Daylight in the swamp, indeed. Precious moments I so miss. But today, there is nothing that brings the inner child out in all of us more than going to the zoo with a precious child like our Emma. Enjoy all of God's creation and creatures today!!! Skip & giggle until your heart's content 🙂

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