March 4, 2011 § 1 Comment


It’s finally happened- Kenny and I are officially roommates.  We attacked the spare room with gusto, moving furniture, going through our piles of stuff, and generally making room for anything/one else besides Kenny and the bed. Honestly, I could no longer stand being the house nomad in light of my new creative ventures (a whole ‘nother story). Moving any of my papers or books into piles on the microwave, refrigerator, or dresser was completely ridiculous. I just couldn’t even take myself seriously.
In order for you to really see the difference, I have included a picture of me typing this post- technology is that crazy- and generally enjoying having a space.
*I also wanted to include a picture of the fab lamp I purchased at Goodwill the day we got the desk.  It was just calling my name and though Kenny was not convinced, a fellow lamp enthusiast sharing the aisle was very encouraging of the look, as was the cashier.  It’s growing on him.
Unfortunately, you can also see that we have a long way to go- organizing and decorating alike. Our list of house projects is growing long, from painting tables and chairs to staining other tables and building shelves and bookshelves.  There is a chance we will finish the room sometime before we move.
But let’s just stay focused on this small victory for now.


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  • ma says:

    >Love the lamp!!!!!!!!!! You look sooooo writer official and I am on the edge of my seat just waiting for your creative insight to take flight. You have now launched and new horizons in writing genius await you 🙂 Blessings and favor are prayed over you dear daughter 🙂

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