March 14, 2011 § 2 Comments

Most of the time, I resist using the phrase: “I love my husband.”  Too many folks using social mediums like Facebook feel the need to announce this quite frequently.  I prefer to update my status with more interesting things, such as what I’m eating or my clever take on the weather.

However, there is an exception for every rule.
I will say this: my husband rocks my socks off.
And here’s why.

We are both venturing into the world of websites and it’s not pretty. MANY hours, almost to the point of tears, have been spent clicking our way around hosts and templates and URLs (I know- that the heck am I even saying?).  Back-to-back we sit, attempting to figure out who we are on the world wide web.
It’s nauseatingly overwhelming.
That said, Kenny knows way more about all of this than I do.  Surprised? I didn’t think so.  That’s like saying I know more about bras than he does- I mean, duh. I have been toiling over my site, wanting to throw my computer every time I couldn’t figure out how to change what I wanted to change and just when I thought I should pack it in and give up on the whole thing, Kenny saved me.  He gave me hope.  He gave me know-how. He gave me HTML code.
His final masterpiece will be unveiled when I eventually allow anyone to visit the site. (Hint: it’s at the top)
Until then, I will keep looking at fonts until I’m crosseyed and shout from the rooftops: I LOVE MY HUSBAND!!!!


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§ 2 Responses to Crosseyed

  • Anonymous says:

    >love this leche! he is a dear :)<3chacs

  • ma says:

    >Quite a husband you have daughter!!! WE,(ma/you), need a calm personality when we are ready to rip heads off….I know…David calms my "storms," too. Just remember how precious Kenny is when you get frustrated with him :-)We love him too!

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