Mad Body.

March 23, 2011 § 1 Comment

Hot tubs are awkward.
And I bet you know why.
But since I can’t hear you, let me share my reasons.

First of all, talk about shocking the body.
“What- it’s bathing suit season already?!?” your body cries.
“Well, no.  It’s only March. But we’re gonna get in a hot tub,” you try to reason.
“Um, with who?” Body continues.
“Strangers,” you murmer.
“Wait a minute.  Let me get this straight,” says Body. “You’re about to put on a bathing suit three months early after wintering with comfort food, surround yourself with strangers, and sit around chatting in a hot bath.”
“Good luck. We’re gonna need it.”  Body sighs.

The best part? Bathing suits only.  Due to the lack of sun necessary to use as an excuse to further cover up in the water, hot tubbing is a cold weather activity and thus you are left with nothing to say about just throwin’ on the old suit (minus board shorts) and jumping, I mean slowly lowering yourself, in.

Can’t wait.


§ One Response to Mad Body.

  • ma says:

    >Not a fan of hot tubbing on soooooo many levels…..the least of which is wearing a bathing suit. I think that's why people usually drink while hot tubbing. Good luck, sis 🙂

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