The battle is over.

March 27, 2011 § Leave a comment

This weekend marked a turning point in my life.
It took a decade, but I feel empowered and excited for this new chapter.

I am no longer a snowboarder.  Well, let’s be honest- I never really was.  But that’s not the point.  I am now a SKIER!!!  It took 10 years of falling down the mountain, never getting better, and finally getting sick of sore knees and and a bruised bum for me to make the commanding decision. Halfway down Holiday at Summit Central, I fell for the umpteenth time only to sit up and say to Kenny, “I think I’m done.”

And that was it.

We packed up the ol’ snowboard and promptly rented skis- and I’m never looking back.
Well, except for in this picture.

Lovin’ the pizza.

I am so liberated, so happy. No longer bound to a single board, struggling to face the mountain, straining my knees and fearing the chairlift.  The fact is, folks, that I am not as young as I used to be.  Recovery time takes a bit longer at 27 than it did when I was 17.  And for what?  A not-so-fun experience that I always dreaded, especially when experienced skiers had to wait for me to pick myself up every time I fell and tell me, “We’re just having fun today,” which is code for “don’t feel bad about sucking- we know it must be hard and we’ll pretend this is so much fun in the name of ‘spending time with friends.'”
Turns out I am pretty good, too, which is nice.  I guess those years of boarding helped just a little. Now Kenny and I can enjoy this together, getting off the chairlift with ease and smiling over at each other as we sail down our mountain of love.

This also puts an age-old battle to bed.  For the last six years, the Skiing Vs. Snowboarding Debate has been waging on between Kenny and I.  And he won.  Turns out my husband knew better, for the record.  I have to give him credit.
However, only my clothes shrunk in the last load when the dryer was on too high, so….



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