Where dinners go to die

April 13, 2011 § 1 Comment

I love Pyrex.  When opening wedding gifts, I felt truly married when I saw our complete set of Pyrex containers.  I had never owned a complete set of anything besides Christmas socks, let alone something so functional and domestic.

There’s just one problem.
Pyrex is the root of all Leftover Evil.
See, I hate leftovers.  My only exceptions include food of the noodle variety (i.e. Thai, spaghetti, etc.) and even then, it can be hit or miss.
*Note: Don’t think I haven’t blow up at Kenny when he’s eaten the last of the spaghetti, yet shrug and reply, “eh” the next time he checked with me first.  Poor thing.

My routine is as follows…
…spend too long finding a recipe for dinner, feeling incapable of making anything not out of a box.
…gather ingredients and place on counter.  Stare and bite nails until courage mounts and chopping begins.
…too many spills and potentially sliced fingers later, things are bubbling and sizzling while the oven is preheating. If I remember.
…on a wing and a prayer, everything is typically done about five minutes apart, which is just enough time for things to cool. And I hate cool food.
…table is set, we sit and consume, and I inevitably don’t eat much since I have been intimate with said meal for about three hours.
Thus we have leftovers.  Enter Pyrex.
“How handy!” we exclaim.  We feel so good about ourselves and our kitchen accoutrements, placing our dinner remnants on the lower shelf of the fridge for “later.”
Days, possibly weeks, pass with no attention to this lower shelf…

…until we need that Pyrex.


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§ One Response to Where dinners go to die

  • ma says:

    >Ahhhhh…. but there may come a time, soon, when the "furry mold" that can arrive on those leftovers in your pyrex may be your newest medecine under our new healthcare system. Ya think??????

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