Only He Would.

April 20, 2011 § 2 Comments

Sitting on the bed next to me, listening as I weep about things that have more to do with horomones than any legitimate crisis. And nodding.

Telling me that “this dinner is fantastic,” even though I snapped at him over burnt meat and a forgotten side dish.
Hugging me for so long when I come in the door that my coat’s still on when I have to leave the house again.

Making me dress nice and grab a Q-tip and AA battery before we go on an “secret date,” which is for the sole purpose of taking pictures to document our first year. 

My favorite tree.
Nothing to see here.

Going with me to the dentist because “it would be fun.” 
Finally putting that tarp away. 

I tell him I love him all the time.  Hopefully this is just another way.


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§ 2 Responses to Only He Would.

  • >Being a good listener and having the compassion that Kenny has is what you need Natalie. You have scored a huge victory in your life with your husband. Both Robyn and I couldn't be more happy for your first year as it is unfolding. Love you guys–tons!David

  • ma says:

    >I see nothing but love in those words AND those pictures!!!!! Ma is happy for her little girl that she has found such a compassionate husband. You are in good hands(arms)and my heart just *sighs*. Love you both soooo much!!!

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