Still here.

May 16, 2011 § 1 Comment

Don’t worry- I’m not dead.
That’s assuming, anyway, that there is anyone out there who reads this and wonders, “wow- it’s been so long since she’s posted. Where IS she?”
I’ve come to terms with the fact that this is a place for me to write. And my mom to read. (Love you, Ma!)

Anyway, self, aren’t you so excited to be writing an article for Scoutreach? 
Why, yes, I am, even though I agreed to it and THEN looked up exactly what Scoutreach is. Interview is Thursday and by the end of the month, I shall finally have something published.  For Scouts.

And what about that is-yet-to-be-announced-project that has you talking to publishers as if it’s no big thang?
Well, self, that’s pretty cool, too.  In fact, I’d say my writing life has improved exponentially. Blogging is fun and all, but doesn’t exactly advance you in the legit writing world and provide credibility when you’re applying for professional writing jobs.  That is currently where my brother and a Christian niche are coming in.

So, exciting developments. Let’s just pray that I do them well and can feel good about that.  Otherwise, back to the drawing board. 


§ One Response to Still here.

  • ma says:

    >She IS alive and writing still…yippee. Yes I have missed the "dialogue" blog…it gives me a pulse on what is going on in the writer's life & mind without having to ask annoying questions. You have creative genius, support of your fans (ma who is at the top of that fan list) and readers who NEED your writing. Now go to it daughter!!! Reach for the stars 🙂

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