Well, this is new.

June 8, 2011 § 2 Comments


Please kick your shoes off, grab a fresh cup of joe, settle in, and enjoy. And I’ll explain.

You may be wondering, why the blog switcheroo?  Well, it’s truly a longtime coming.  My reasons for switching it all up are three-fold:  First, I’ve been with Blogger for many years now and it’s treated me well.  As I grew into the world of blogging, it held my hand, gave it encouraging squeezes, and sometimes even yanked away when I needed it most, as I fell down a cliff screaming “NOOOOOOoooooo!”  But the blogosphere has grown and, with the eventual launch of my other website through WordPress, I thought it was time to familiarize with this free hosting site.  

 Secondly, sometimes you just need to start over, you know? After having a couple of travel blogs, then a wedding blog, I was finding it hard to transition into just a Life Blog. Enter proverbial clean slate.

And thirdly, it’s pretty.

Those closest to me know that I have intentionally remained oblivious to advances in technology.  Others navigating their iPhones with ease and posting/Tweeting/checking in are completely beyond my understanding.  I usually look over their shoulder, marvelling at their skill and speed with awe.  But in the end, I’ve remained steadfast in using my cell phone to call people and remaining in the dark about what Blu-Ray really is.

What a handicap I’ve given myself.

Now I’m lost.

Figuring out how to “tag” or exactly what a “widget” is has proven evasive.  I am on the waiting list for Seattle Public Library’s WordPress for Dummies 2010 (#24- seriously?) and will be investing more time in getting this blog right. I will not be intimidated.  I will master this with vigor.  And you get the great pleasure and honor of bearing with me while I figure it out!  Well, I hope you stick with me- I need to feel the love!  But if one day all of my posts are upside down, you’ll know why.

I’m learning.

So there ya go.  Anyone know anything about WordPress??

Love to all.   


§ 2 Responses to Well, this is new.

  • Kenny says:

    Yeah, blue ray. First we had Black & White, then color, now we are down to just blue. I am glad we stuck to VHS.

  • ma says:

    Well, well, well. A new look???? I like it. So, like you, I will be forced to stretch in this new endeavor with you. Time to grow and change 🙂 I will, however, remain a true follower and groupie of all the words you write. Blessings on your new blog journey. LYT.

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