Projects and sunshine

June 21, 2011 § 2 Comments

The sun is out, and you know what that means.

Home projects and raspberry lemonade.

It’s no secret that Kenny and I have big plans for some things around the house.  For example, the dining room table and both coffee and matching side tables all need refinishing.  That got started…last summer.  So you see how quick we are to get them done.  🙂 

But today, we were semi-motivated.  I am typing with paint-covered fingers after completing a project of my own while he cleaned out his truck.  Oh, how we make the neighborhood look good:

And this was after an hour or so of sorting.

Meanwhile, I was inside by the open window, sipping my favorite raspberry lemonade, painting a shelf and some picture frames.  I know, I know- small potatoes.  Not exactly doing Martha Stewart proud.  But still- I’ve been meaning to get around to it for quite some time.






















I didn’t get any before pictures of the shelf, but imagine it is very similar to the frame in color and type of wood.  Go ahead- I’ll give you a second.

Got it?  Well, now we have this:


 Much better.  And that concludes Home Improvement Day. I’m off to make burgers.
Happy Sunshine to you all!

§ 2 Responses to Projects and sunshine

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  • Anonymous says:

    Hey- I wanted to “like” this post but it wanted me to sign in…. and I am already procrastinating too much on asking my old therapy people to be my references and having to tell them that I am without a therapy job… so I am going to leave a too-long comment instead! I love the shelf btw 🙂

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