Greenwood’s finest

June 25, 2011 § Leave a comment

Apparently, our dear Greenwood Ave is known for its annual Car Show.

And boy, a car show it is.  For about 30 blocks, you can see cars of ever color, model, and condition.  Same goes for people.  😉  When my dad suggested making our way on down, I didn’t give it much thought to its sheer vastness besides a fleeting reference to what I know of street fairs, which occupy a handful of blocks.  Not the case here.

My dad, walking with hundreds of his closest friends.

Needless to say, I was shocked by the crowd when we stepped onto Greenwood Ave and took it all in.  I had no idea.


 All of these people and over 700 cars were spending their Saturday just blocks away from me and I would not have been the wiser?  Crazy.  Once lost in the flow of folks,  I couldn’t help but be caught up in the festiveness of this community event and appreciate the harmless fun so many people were having on their Saturday.  We even enjoyed a delicious hamburger prepared by a salon owner who was just accepting donations.  And donate, we did.  Now, I’m not a car person, but I know a cool car when I see one, like this:

I want this one.

AND classic cars all in a row is kind of impressive:

Row of Minis

 This was a unexpected adventure today, friends, and not what I was going to post about (the intrigue is killing you, I know), but a bright spot in my day.  Especially because there were dogs of every shape and size and I wanted them all.  Any dog-filled day is a good day.

I’ll leave you with this: so much right/wrong going on here (click on it to enlarge and notice the “license plate”)…

Nice ride.

Happy Saturday!


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