Wait for iiit…..

July 4, 2011 § 4 Comments

Boy, do i have some posts for you this week.

Oh man, it’s gonna be good great.  I’m bubbling over with ideas and things that you must know.

But today, I am going to relax in the sunshine.  How can I stay cooped up inside on my computer? I know you wouldn’t want that for me. And, in fact, I don’t want you inside reading it (which is what you’re doing right now if you’re reading this today, but I can’t tell you what to do.  Read on, friend, but please have some lemonade). 

After a devesatingly glacier-paced shift at work this morning, while everyone else was jumping into Greenlake or cruising around with their precious puppies, I am going to put my feet up, don my flowiest piece of clothing, and eat some BBQ.  Oh, and celebrate my pariotism by eating this:

apple pie: America's dessert

Mmmm….pie….*nom nom nom*
I’ll leave you with this: I am going solo about my holiday plans because my husband is not only working, but picking up our chickens.  Chickens, you ask? I know. 

‘Til next time!  ❤


§ 4 Responses to Wait for iiit…..

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