Insert “chicken joke” here.

July 6, 2011 § 8 Comments

Remember all of those posts I had in store for you?  Well, the list is only growing. 
Because we got chickens.

It still sounds absurd when I say it, or type it.  It all happened so fast.  Turns out Kenny was serious.

Right now, as I type this to you, there are five chickens roaming about our backyard, pecking and scratching to their heart’s content.  So is my husband.  It’s quite fun to watch. 

I’ll be honest, my skepticism stands corrected and I am already quite fond of the little guys.  Er, gals.  I thought it would take weeks to warm up to having birds around, but they’re endearing.  The girly-girl in me wishes they were a bit cuddlier, but I think they want to keep the relationship professional.    

chicken delivery


our first egg.


help name us!



And did I mention that the eggs are delicious?  Because they are. [Author’s irrelevant note: this brunch of fresh eggs and an avocado of perfection was later joined by the ripest peach of summer.  There is also fresh food for dinner.  I think I finally awoke from my Top Tamen Coma. PTL!] 

Oh, how our family has grown.  Now we can readjust our egg budget and look forward to eggs of many colors, too.  Some shells are pink, some are green or blue, and there just may be more colors to come. 

This is determined by the color of their earlobes. 

You didn’t know that?


§ 8 Responses to Insert “chicken joke” here.

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  • Chaco says:

    The earlobes???! Who would have thought? Not this girl. I’m still slightly afraid of the little buggers, but seeing them lined up all single file like yesterday was just darling. AND your title is “This Chickadee”? Do I need to point out the irony? It’s like deep down you’ve always wanted chickens….or wanted to be part of the clan….or something..

    • I KNOW! Please don’t think less of me for realizing only yesterday the coorelation between our new family members and the name of my blog… so glad you got to meet them! They’ve been talking a lot today, probably about their new friend, Chaco. 🙂

  • ma says:

    You will do anything to get out of dying Easter eggs with us anymore ????? Colored eggs…. amazing! Any extra eggs, feel free to send them our way 🙂

  • franknlily says:

    you are my hero for this

  • Step-Dad says:

    I love those chickens!! I had to laugh when you said that Kenny was also pecking and clucking out back!! Too funny. We can hardly wait for some fresh eggs. Looks like a really good brunch.

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