Projects & Sunshine, Part II

July 11, 2011 § 5 Comments

 It started out innocently enough.

No, this isn’t really going to be a Fix-It themed blog, but after showing off some other small projects in the past, I couldn’t resist documenting our first umpteenth experience handling unrealistic expectations.

The nice 4th of July weekend brought us plenty of energy and newfound zeal for home improvement we (ahem, I) didn’t know existed. Over matching bowls of Special K, my husband and I decided to “just get [the cabinets] done.” We are talking about our stare-at-you-all-relentlessly-ugly-while-you-try-to-enjoy-your-meal cabinets. The are just miserable. So miserable that it feels like they’re constantly reminding me of how sad they are. [Author’s note: Being renters and all, we haven’t had the creative license we desperately desire to do some home improvements.  Out of necessity?  Go for it.  Purely cosemetic?  Landlord says no.  We are beginning to think our dearheart landlord is convinced that her paint job is up to snuff.   My contractor husband has to practically bite a stick to handle the pain of his Professional Remodeler hands being so tied.]  We decided to just repaint them white, at least to clean them up a bit.  How hard could that be? I even thought I could complete my own side project at the same time, all while Kenny refinished three tables.

Perhaps we were a bit ambitious.

I started small.  This little table lives in our guest room and has been crying out for some TLC since its purchase from Goodwill.

What was.


Light Saber Table of Glory, apparently


All done.

 All painted and distressed and such (HGTV lingo) if you squint.  I had better/closer pictures of the finished product, but this one included a pretty fabulous lamp, also found at Goodwill,  and I use any excuse to showcase that lamp.

Next up: kitchen cabinets.  At this point, Natalie is feeling confident. Capable. Can-do.  At about the point that the kitchen looked like this… 

 …Natalie was aboutsta lose it.  But we pressed on.  Kenny worked on de-painting all of the hardware while I sanded and painted the cabinets and drawers.  We listened to an eclectic mix of Frank Sinatra, Broadway’s hits, the Head and the Heart, Otis Redding, and Foster The People thanks to Pandora.  And with our light at the end of the tunnel (Pepperdock’s on Alki), we finished. 

Drawer Before

Drawer After


Hardware Before


Hardware After

 Again, the pictures don’t completely capture the facelift, but it gives you an idea.  They really just look clean, which is gratifying and a complete letdown at the same time. “You mean to tell me that I spent two full days painting cabinets that now look like I merely attacked them with Fantastic?’ 

Pretty much.

Oh well.  Kenny and I were proud for completing the project and are satisfied with how good we know they look compared to before. 

Now we can enjoy our cereal in peace.



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