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July 15, 2011 § 1 Comment

I started blogging long ago.

Back in 2006, I went to Ireland for 2 1/2 months. Considering this was the first time I was going to be away from friends and family for longer than a month, and in another country no less, I wanted to keep them updated on my epic foreign adventures.  I was new to blogging, but if anyone chose to follow me, they were treated to pics like this:

Girl with Irish cow.

I decided to keep the trend going when I moved to Alaska in 2007.  How could I experience such a new chapter in my life and not update my many blog followers Mom?  There, it was cold, as seen here:

it's cold here.

 By then, I was hooked.

Next came wedding planning i.e. perfect blogging material. It was 10 months of panic.  Basically picture a child’s face when frantically searching for their misplaced mom in the grocery store, and she has the chocolate milk…that was me, facing a wedding.  And I was thrilled to have an outlet for the chaos of it all, a place to turn anxiety into fodder and to document a once-in-a-lifetime process.  And again, fun photos abouned throughout our planning, like this:

saved. that. date.

Naturally, the wedding planning turned into newlywed life (you would think) and I couldn’t go back.  Thoughts  [Author’s could-go-unsaid-but-will-say-it-note: I am no longer able to link to “gnat-novicebride” blog as I melded it into this one.  Or, I believe it was called “importing.”  I am such a smarty pants.]

Finally, we are here.  

ALL that said, I think there is something to be said for becoming a Faithful Blogger.  I enjoy crafting posts and seeing my life as a collection of stories to be told.  Most mornings I awake to the new day, ready to see what I can write about, thinking in “blog.”  It’s like Facebook status updates:  you think in emoticons and single sentences that completely describe your entire day.  With blogging, you think, “How can I sum up and truly capture this experience in 500 words or less?” 

Often, unfortunately, it is at the expense of reading my Bible.  I am now a Faithful Blogger rather than a Faithful Bible-er (you know what I mean).  When I have the chance at a morning of coffee + Bible = bliss, instead I so often check in on my favorite bloggiteers to see what insightful things they have to say and write a post or two myself.  I then go through my day with Blog Thoughts versus Bible Thoughts. 

If I started my day with the Bible, would I think in “God’s Word” rather than “blog”?  Would I go through my day citing what I’d read that morning and looking for ways to apply it instead of looking for what to write about?  Now, I’m not discounting the purpose of posts and how they brighten one’s day.  But I know they are my go-to read, the first thing I can’t wait to see when I can, and not the Bible.  I could use a bit more balance in my blogging and Bible life. 

Maybe you’re now thinking about where you end up when you meant that time to be for the Word.  I challenge us both, friend, to seek God first.  It may seem like a small thing, checking your favorite social media outlet for the first/last time of the day and staying on top of the day’s happenings (and don’t get me wrong- I LOVE that you check in here), but hopefully we can remember what we may be pushing aside. Couldn’t hurt, right?


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