David Bowie knew.*

July 18, 2011 § 4 Comments

A lot has been going on lately.

So much that I just tried to blend “been” and “going” to make “beeing” and I didn’t want to change it.  Making my point seemed faster that way.

Let me give you a quick rundown of my life’s craziness:

  • My nephew was born yesterday- Jack William 9lbs. 15oz. 22 in. (I know-huge, right?). Not only is that amazing, but it meant a few days of…surrealness and little sleep. But more on that later (don’t worry- Jacky Boy will be getting plenty of face time in at least the next post, but preferably showcasing “cute cherub face” rather than “just got here gooey face” hospital pics which are still precious, but ya know).
  • We have been down to one car.  At  quite the critical time, Relish decided to strand Kenny and need professional care. We are looking at new (and I use “new” loosely) options for Kenny.  His business is from his truck.  Well, not exactly.  He’s not peddling Coach or Hermes knock-offs, friends, but needs his truck for tools.  Just to make that clear.
  • A close relationship has changed, suddenly and devastatingly.  God has been near and amazing, but the heart still hurts. And the body feels tired.
  • And the big game changer??  I am officially leaving my job (sorry, Amber) and pursuing writing.  Now, there’s so much packed into that tiny sentence, I don’t even know how to unravel it for you.  Obviously this deserves explaining and not to leave you with a “Who shot J.R.?” moment, but I have to run and catch up on life with my husband.  I know you understand.

  To distract you from all that big stuff, look over here- a sign of spring!


Doesn’t she mean summer? It’s summer, right?  July?  Well, I don’t know.  It’s been so gross, it’s hard to tell.  Now I’m unsure.  Maybe she’s right.  Maybe it is spring…

*I reference Mr. Bowie for two reasons: 1.) because it’s fun and 2.) every time I think of new happenings in my life, I immediately hear “Ch-ch-ch-changes” in my head. And now you are.  Excellent.


§ 4 Responses to David Bowie knew.*

  • that picture did not distract me! ha! take that! now, the writing idea is wonderful but how am i supposed to stalk you when i unexpectedly come back to town if you arent at diva? 😦

  • shannon says:

    “Ch-ch-ch-changes” is right miss natalie, sounds like a lot of newness is afoot. I’m super excited to read that you’re pursuing writing–yes! Get it girl!

    Praying for you in the midst of the joys and the sorrows, lovely. I would love a phone date, pronto!

    • Thanks so much, ShanHan. I need all the encouragement I can get. 🙂 Soon enough a certain blog will be up and running and I will have to “travel” your way for a “feature” (hello, Dragonfly!). I can’t wait to talk to you soon.

  • David says:

    Seasons of the heart. Isn’t it amazing how much can go on in our emotions in one day, from elation over a gift from God to a heart that is in sorrow for the loss of a deep friendship. We are truly “fearfully and wonderfully” made, and we have a God who also knows the feeling of a hurting heart. I’m so glad that we have Him by our side to help us thorugh these times. Have a great day, Nat. Go see Jack!

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