August 8, 2011 § 3 Comments

Or otherwise titled: "What I Was Thinking About When I Should Have Been Listening
in Church."
  •  This weekend I was able to finally beat someone at Checkers.  My husband, to be specific, and I was ridiculously proud of myself.  No, see, you don’t understand- I’m not entirely sure that I have EVER beaten anyone at Checkers.  My brother ruined me and like a tortured animal, my potential was never fully realized and my fear of boardgames has followed me into adulthood (don’t even get me started on Monopoly or heaven forbid-Risk).  But I won a game of Checkers.  And I am seriously considering never playing again.
  • For the last seven months, my husband was under the impression that he was 26.  Having been born in 1983, you understand that this is not his actual age. Imagine my surprise when the conversation went like this:

              *Couple enjoying a leisurely dinner in their backyard, sipping wine & surrounded by chickens.*

           Wife: “I can’t believe that in a couple of months, I will be 28.”

           Husband: “Won’t you be 27?”

           Wife: “Um, no……..  I’ll be 28.”

            Husband: *long pause*   “You mean I’m not 26?”

            Wife: “No….we’re 27.  I swear.  Are you kidding me right now?”

            Husband: “No, really.  I actually thought that I was 26. I’ve been telling people I was 26.”   *pause*  “I just lost a whole year.”

            Wife: “Are you kidding me right now.  Really.”

            Husband: “Really.  Scout’s Honor.”

            Wife:  “Well, you still have a couple more months to enjoy it.”  *holds up wine glass*  “To 27!”       

*couple toasts*

  • Apparently, one particular chicken likes to lounge.  As I was dilligently attempting to read my book in one of our fabulous 1970’s lawn chairs, chickens milling about the backyard, one hen scared the dickens out of me by jumping up on the arm and staring me straight in the face.   I considered getting cuddly and letting her be, but her crazy eyes  looked as if she was thinking about pecking me to death, so I put her down.  Only 15 minutes later, she hopped up on the other side, startling me again (easily done).  Down she went.  When I thought she had gotten the hint, I leaned my head back and dozed a bit, only to be jolted awake as she jumped up on the back of the chair, staring down at me.  That was my cue- into the house I went. Result?   Chicken: 1     Natalie: 0


Happy Monday, folks!


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