Thanks, Google

August 10, 2011 § 2 Comments

Google knows me so well.

There I was, composing a nice and sincere post about learning another language, when I needed to look something up.  I believe I was making sure I properly referenced the name of a movie (I really do my homework for you) and Google didn’t let me down. After seeing their results for me, I was forced to abandon my other post in favor of this fun gem due to a certain drop-down list, a la David Letterman. 

Top 10 Results When I Began Typing “How to”…

  1. tie a tie
  2. cook a wolf
  3. love lyrics
  4. how to
  5. hard boil eggs
  6. write a cover letter
  7. love Lil’ Wayne
  8. train your dragon
  9. lose weight fast
  10. love Lil’ Wayne lyrics

Isn’t that just spot. on? 

I’m sorry, but do that many people need to learn to “love” (not merely like) Lil’ Wayne that he graces the list twice?  Is there even really a site that will help me simply to “love lyrics,” whatever that means?  And, thankfully #2, where would I be if I could not find out how to cook a wolf?  Completely lost with Betty Crocker, that’s for sure.

So thank you, Google, for being at-the-ready with such an array of how-to’s.  I will be ruminating on this for weeks to come.  You made my day.

Author’s Sidenote: I was going to include a picture of a wolf  in this post, for funsies, but decided that was a bit inhumane since I mentioned cooking them and all.  I have to be able to sleep at night, friends.

Author’s Update: Apparently “How To Love” is a lil’ Wayne song ( do we not capitalize the “lil”?).  Is it wrong that I was actually comforted by the fact that I didn’t know that???  😉


§ 2 Responses to Thanks, Google

  • ma says:

    Been trying to figure # 9 out FOR YEARS. Putting it on on list doesn’t work, I can tell you that much!!!!! 😦

  • I got the same ones! Expect… apparently my addition is:
    How to…
    -Train a Dragon
    -Write a cover letter
    -Smoke salmon
    -make fondant
    -love lil’ wayne…. apparently he needs loving.

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