The Accidental Gardener

August 16, 2011 § 2 Comments

Long, long ago-way back in May 2010- a garden was born. In our minds.

Tucked away in the corner of our yard (though still getting a good amount of light) there was the perfect spot.  It spoke to us when we first toured the house we would soon call home- “Garden here.  Garden heeeeerrrrreeeee.”

Oh, the tomatoes. 

Oh, the lettuce.

Oh, the….potatoes?

Accidentally, maybe. 

You see, we ignored the creepy plea coming from the back left corner and decided, instead, to use it as our compost area.  And that’s about as much as we thought about it.  Until the chickens came.

Turns out, chickens are incredibly attracted to compost ickiness for the taste, I mean worms.  SO we let them go crazy on that pile and eventually they worked it all back into the ground as just the best soil Cisco could ask for.  It must have been pretty good stuff because we think that while we weren’t looking, we grew these:

Our little spuds?

Kenny’s Post-It asks a very good question.  Are those potatoes?  Or are they some freak anomaly that we must send in for testing, ASAP?  They sure look like potatoes and, as Kenny put it, “aren’t even gross” to indicate that they are just previously composted matter that has solidified into potatoness. 

In case you want a closer look for consideration and scale:

Your thoughts?  Could it be this easy? We only need to launch (and I do mean launch- most times we test our throwing arms by aiming certain foods at the compost pile from the back door) our leftovers into a growing mound, mix it up once and awhile, and voila- starchy goodness? I doubt it, but what are they?

Thanks to the internet, our best guess is this (the plant part having been annihilated accidentally):

If so, that was easy. We should garden more often. We’ll call it “Baseball Gardening.”

Mini French fries on us!


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