Leavin’ on a jetplane…

August 18, 2011 § Leave a comment

...or at least TRYING to.

With everything happening at once, Kenny and I are trying to plan a trip.

That is, along with my job ending, our anniversary coming, his full schedule, my path starting anew, being in a wedding, and other general mayem.

All blessed things, friends, but not conducive to trip planning.

You see, we are a frugal pair.  Our anniversary alone has taken way longer than any other couple would devote due to some serious coupon-hunting and deal-finding [Author’s Bragging Note: though time consuming, we have been able to plan our dinner and overnight basically for free.  That’s what bein’ nice and saving your pocket change for a year will getcha. Just sayin’.].  And that was just the mini anniversary plan.

Going out of town is a whole ‘nother animal.  This involves flights, miles, discounts…the variables are endless. And we’ve opened ourselves up to plenty of saving options that all depend on one another, which only prolongs the planning with way too many “what ifs”.  And travel always stresses me out with a capital Eek (thank you, TSA, for adding to my travel Eekness and general anxiety.  Can I just bring a note from my mom that says I’m no threat and avoid your inappropriate invasiveness? No?). 

Pray for us, friends, as we attempt to keep our sanity and and nail down some details before it gives us nightmares.

Is anyone non-fiction getting far with that apparating thing?  Does anyone own/fly a personal jet we can use, just this once (we pay in pocket change)? Can anyone please tell us how to reach a helpful live voice when calling Alaska Airlines?  These are the things I want to know.  Until then, Kenny and I will be locked in our office, hatching our Perfect Plan.  Food and water gratefully accepted.


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