Fall back.

September 1, 2011 § 2 Comments

I'm sorry, but are we entering the beloved season of fall?????

I feel like it has tiptoed up behind me and lightly tapped me on the shoulder this morning, September 1st. “Heeeeey” it said, merely letting me know it was there yet ready to assault me with color and cold sooner rather than later.


This is fine by me. *cue collective appalled gasp*

I know, but I am true Seattleite, remember? I am a product of the dark and damp.

I wouldn’t have even thought about it except comments have been flying this morning over several internet mediums, claiming the beginning of school, the outbreak of sweaters, and the too-soon turning of leaves.  Bliss to me, yes, but I still can’t believe it.  I was just sweating my face off this past weekend and now I’m discussing with myself which scarf goes best with this cardigan (albeit one of my favorite conversations with…well, me).

Indeed, I am a fool for fall.  My birthday month is in there (October, woot woot!) and although we live in a relatively rainy city, you can’t beat the oranges and yellows and reds, the days of glory where the landscape looks like it’s on fire and you meander through it with a cider in your mitten-clad hand.  Fall speaks my love language.

You just may be reading this through narrowed eyes and vowed to never read me again due to such anti-summer blasphemy, but I know that somewhere deep down you agree that fall is purdy.  And we can still be friends.  You never know- plenty of sunshiney days spent lounging at Greenlake may still be in your future.  I’m just helping you prepare for the runaway train barreling towards you this very minute in case you were as unaware as I was. 

I’m just here to help. 

School is in session.  Autumn decor is everywhere you turn for your various grocery/sundry needs.  And you know every Starbucks currently has a paper chain hanging in their back room, helping the count down to the red cups. 

But let’s not get ahead of ourselves. We don’t need to start thinking about Christmas for at least another week.  😉

Happy September, all!!


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