Now we’re cookin’

September 19, 2011 § 1 Comment

You know your life has taken a domesic turn when you are overcome with joy
upon discovering ground ginger in your spice cabinet.

Fear threatened to wash over me and bring me to tears (I’ve been known to cry at less when in the kitchen) when I saw it on the recipe, but I slapped fear in the face, I did.  I had ground ginger.

Stick an apron on me and call me Julia.

Why on earth was I searching for ground ginger in the first place?  Well, let’s just say that being a recently unemployed writer and all, I think it’s fair to say that Kenny’s “bringin’ home the bacon.”

So, I might as well cook it.

Or undercook it, as the case may be.*

Thank goodness it’s soup season.

*No, I did not season bacon with ground ginger, as this implies.  It was meatloaf.  Undercooked meatloaf. Even though I cooked it as long as it told me to.  And called my mom to ask her if it was done (she has a gift for figuring it out over the phone), but she didn’t answer (it’s okay mom- I still love you) so I took it out.  It looked done. So we ate it. But then had to put the rest back in the oven when we saw pink. And I lived to write about it.         

“No apologies, no explanations”- Julia Child


§ One Response to Now we’re cookin’

  • ma says:

    Ahhhhhh, the joy of cooking!!!!!! A lot of it is just trial and error but, I for one, am extremely glad you remain around to “tell the tale” 🙂

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