Tech (Emotional) Support

September 21, 2011 § 2 Comments

I am a Technology Holdout.

I attribute this to a few things, really.

First, I am my mother’s daughter.  When I was younger and technology was advancing, I was right with it.  AOL, CD players, and programming the VCR.  It used to frustrate me to no end when my mother refused to learn how to do any of this.  Though met with my trademark eyeroll at the time, I now understand.  Once I hit my 20’s, I fell completely behind.

Ask me to Skype, use iTunes, or program TiVo and I am mildy behind lost.  I don’t know what iPads do, am sorry that you only have 3G (I don’t think I have any G), and have never Tweeted* (do you capitalize the “t”? I don’t even know).  I am not even trying to keep up with what they’re changing daily on Facebook. Most days I wanna throw my computer out the window when trying to post a picture on this here blog (a recent phonecall to a hosting site asking about domains nearly put me over the edge- I believe Techman Roger’s very first question was met with, “………………………………um, I’m not sure. Can you repeat the question?”). 

Take our “entertainment center”: everything is handed down, from the tricky opens-then-immediately-closes DVD player to the VCR we took from Kenny’s parent’s garage.  This also includes the TV, which does not have a remote control and is not even in the family of widescreen, so we mostly see nothing but people’s noses on the screen in any given frame.

This situation works for us.

pretty much.

Once people start talking about Blu-ray or any gaming system made after 1984, I zone out and start thinking about their haircut and what I’m going to wear tomorrow. 

Turns out I am more like my mother than I thought.  She still doesn’t know how to work the television.  It’s been 10 years. You just try to thrust a remote control her way, asking her to change the channel or turn up the volume, and she’ll shove it back your way and say, “Oh, I just don’t know.” I get it now- it can be very overwhelming.

HD?  Pintrest?  Apps?  “I just don’t know.” 

*I may soon be joining the Twitter world for my new project.  THAT will be fun(ny).


§ 2 Responses to Tech (Emotional) Support

  • David says:

    Too funny Nat!! Remeber, I have had to look at Robyn on more than one occasion when the remote was, shall we say, not working correctly for her and she always says “I didn’t do a thing! It just hates me”. I then push 2 buttons and, wah-la, back to normal 🙂 Love it, wouldn’t change it. Kenny is in for the time of his life. Enjoy

  • ma says:

    LOL. LOL. I never promised you that you would inherit only my GOOD traits
    :-)………..but there is at least the consolation that, once again, your mother DOES understand your frustrations. Doesn’t help though, does it ? HATE technology. Just try getting a new phone and not knowing how to answer it when receiving a call… least I am trying to enter the world of tech. *sigh* Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, patience, a virtue to be worked on.

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