Thursday Thoughts

September 22, 2011 § Leave a comment

This morning's conversation:

Kenny: Is there another way I can take to get to West Seattle? Hwy 99 is clogged going south.

Me: Well, ’til where?

K: Down to the bridge.

M: Well, hon, you know that even so it doesn’t take that long to get through it if it’s to the bridge.

K (getting increasingly whinier): No, but then it’s clogged into downtown…

M: Oh, so not the bridge.

K: And then, there’s this spaceship.  Just sitting.  In the middle of traffic.  Just sitting there.

M: Ah.  Well, that’s too bad.  I can’t create a freeway for you.



This morning, via this blog, I came across this blog. And ended up in tears.  Oh, the impact we can have on people we don’t even know.  SO inspiring and praise God for the ministry going on even now.


As I’m learning more about site design, I’m also learning that I’m not the most qualified to do it.  In fact, I just don’t think it’s in my skill set.  And that’s okay.  I can accept that about myself and know when to ask for help. 

So.  Help?

Does anyone out there possess computer (specifically designing blogs) skills and wish to offer them up to an incredibly grateful recipient???  I pay in hugs, banana bread, and an entire post dedicated to the wonderfulness that is you.  If you have a “button,” I you will forever be on my sidebar (too good to refuse, right?).

Or- if you know of someone, that would be great, too.  You can either contact me or just post a comment.  Gratefulness will be pouring out of me at such a rate, it will pool on the floor and I will be standing in a puddle of it.  No joke.

Happy Thursday!


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