Blame it on the rain…*

September 27, 2011 § 2 Comments

Allow me to relish in this moment.
In fall.

[You all knew this was coming, so don’t act all surprised that I’m celebrating rain, especially after this past crazypants week of heat. Man, was I grouchy.]

Time for the Fall Sweater of Coziness: 

Observe the pilling from many autumns of love, the grampa pockets, and professor buttons.  Glorious.

My a.m. setup- time for mugs, candles, and WordPress:

 There’s nothing I enjoy more than sitting before my computer, sipping coffee, and smelling pumpkin whilst writing my little heart out.

And finally- a meal of milk, chili, and fire:


[I, ahem, swear it’s chili in there.  Not sludge mixed with baby food, as it appears.]

So you see, friends, that I am not welcoming or glorifying the raindrops finally making their way to Seattle (though the chickens were gettin’ a little fed up with the dry grass and lack of worms).  I am merely celebrating the return of shameless coziness.  And feeling grateful for the many blessings that come with this season- a little home, warm clothing, hot meals, and a fireplace.

What are you grateful for?

[If it’s Milli Vanilli, I won’t judge.]

*Erm, in the name of full disclosure, I wrote this post yesterday when it was all stormy and great.  Now it’s blue skies and sunshine.  Oh, Seattle- you just keep us on our toes, dontcha?


§ 2 Responses to Blame it on the rain…*

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