You will be blessed.

October 6, 2011 § Leave a comment

Good movies can be hard to come by.

You know, the kind with solid, believeable characters facing issues we see everyday.  The kind where values and standards are examined instead of ignored or even mocked.  The kind where relationships are built or made stronger rather then casually tossed aside.  Or even the kind where love is at the center. 

Man, I love those movies.

With that in mind, I have three words for you: GO SEE Courageous.

In a time where you see titles like Wanderlust, Dirty Girl, and Killing Elite on Fandango, pick Courageous.

It is well done and well acted.  It is touching and humorous.  It will inspire you.  It will make you think.  You will be convicted to be a better member of your family.  Praise. the. Lord. for such a wonderful movie.  Kenny wanted to immediately see it again to take notes and I felt blessed to be holding the hand of a man who recognizes the responsibility it is to be a man of God. We spent the rest of the evening talking about being the kind of spouse, and eventually parents, God wants us to be.  And we were excited (and kind of scared- it’s a very high calling).

Granted, I could barely see through my swollen eyes when all was said and done due to some tear-shedding, so bring a tissue.  And a loved one.  You’ll appreciate them more than ever before.

This is could be the last post I’ll dedicate to it, but I couldn’t let the opportunity slip away to encourage you to see it (and perhaps smuggle in warm brownies and cold milk- perfection). 

There’s a reason it opened as the #1 movie in America.


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