Time to talk.

October 10, 2011 § 2 Comments

Well, the truth is out: I am a sinner.

Contributing over at the Good Women Project (which I am very excited about), I am airing out some mistakes I’ve made in the hopes that I can be an encouragement to others.  And to shock my parents.

[Hopefully the former is as likely as the latter, ahem.]

For many years now I have been having conversations with young women about limits and holding on to their identity in Christ while in relationships.  Whether we are around a campfire at camp or gathered in my living room for Bible studies, the questions keep coming and they always will.  Why? 

Because it’s hard.  And it is in our very nature as women to bond with others, develop close relationships, and to seek intimacy.  And that innate desire can blur the lines.  And that’s when it gets hard. Because we are called to be “clothed with strength and dignity” (Prov. 31:25) and “reflect right teaching” (Titus 2:1).  But how?

It has been on my heart to speak out louder than my living room on these issues and I praise God for places like the Good Women Project and the forum it provides.  I have fallen victim to the “I wish I would have known that before” tendency in life far too often, where I probably would have made a different decisions had I known from someone else’s experience what the outcome could be.  So it’s time to share.

Dating, breakups, single life, even worse breakups, marriage, and trying my darndest to be a woman of God through His grace and through it all- the conversation has just begun.  Let’s encourage one another.


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  • ma says:

    Based on your comments received already from some readers, I would say you “hit the mark” on being real to others who can relate. Keep letting God reveal who He was and is in your life so others can be blessed with the honesty……. a rare gem to find these days but so necessary!!

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