A writer’s nemesis.

October 17, 2011 § 1 Comment

If I had an enemy, it would be fear.

Too often, it governs my actions, my words, my thoughts.  And boy, do I want to just drop-kick fear sometimes. (Okay- all the time.)

Last Friday I was very excited to see a little devotional of mine posted here.  It’s about a passage in scripture that never ceases to blow my mind and reminds me to check in with myself to see if I am doing everything I can to honor God with my efforts to bless those around me. Fearlessly.

And I need that reminder again.  The thing is, I’ve been confronted head-on with doubts and fears lately.  We’re talking constant, take-a-number type stuff. It can be paralyzing.  Even as I write this, I’m battling an avalanche of criticisms and critiques in my head with every sentence- “Could I have said that better? Does that even make sense?

 Should I even be writing?”

And rather than skip a post in the name of fear, I thought I’d use this safe space and be up front.  This computer screen has been mocking me for hours as I’ve tried to compose anything worthwhile, and it seems honesty will win out.

I am afraid.

And I’m letting it win.

I’ve written a few other posts on the subject (most recently here) in the context of writing and, by gosh, it just keeps coming up.  I don’t even have any particularly brilliant insights to offer at the moment, but will get back to you. For now, I’ll direct your attention once again over to Annie, who has a knack for expressing what I’m feeling (thanks, Annie!). 

I can promise you this- I’m spending some time in the Word today, in Proverbs and beyond.


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