Bringin’ back some goodies.

October 31, 2011 § 3 Comments

I am shameless,

plugging old family photos all over the place and all (lest we forget birthdays through the ages).  I just couldn’t resist going down memory lane in search of some costume classics.  So grab your pillowcase full of candy and enjoy.  Popples and Transformers, anyone?

Representing old school 80's; I'm cute & my brother's...terrifying

You will notice that as we get older, my costumes get progressively girly and my brother’s are a bit more,well, creative.

Hunchback and angel; possibly the Statue of Liberty and the Headless Horseman

But my three favorite costumes, by far, were probably the least attractive.  When in Ireland on the coldest day of the year without any room in your backpack to buy anything else, dress warm and only pay £2 for safety pins in order to go as laundry.  Your laundry.

Gotta separate colors and whites.

When you’re not interested in showing up half-naked as a mermaid or Princess Jasmine like all of the other girls in your high school, you wear your pajamas and break up gross dancing with your huge bum when Old Hag.

Inappropriate, mom. That's my pillow.

 And finally, no angry housewife is complete without her booze (it was water) or rolling pin.  Phyllis and Madge were a treat.

The ciggy's a prop, I promise.

 My niece suggested dressing up as computers or cell phones this year.  Oh, what my young Popple self would have thought of that idea. 

Have fun out there!


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