Off to a good start.

November 1, 2011 § 2 Comments

And so it begins. 

And apparently, I am already a “rebel.”


How can this be, you wonder?  Well, because I am writing non-fiction, and it is not called NaNoFiWriMo (though kinda more fun to say), I am rebelling against the “work of fiction” rule (yes, there are rules) and therefore am a rebel.

Finally.  I’ve always wanted to be one.  Too many years have been spent “obeying the rules” and “cleaning up messes” and “coloring inside the lines.”   “Paying my bills” and “going the speed limit.”  Bring on rebellion, I say.  Just call me Rizzo.

The nice part about it is that there are plenty of others in my boat (Rebel Forums= my people) who agree that using NaNoWriMo as a kick in the pants is their way to go.  I am in good company.

For a while now I’ve had the idea for this book, fiction be darned, and I believe God revealed NaNo to me at the perfect time.  Maybe next year I’ll be able to stick to convention and finally write about Sally making her way in Nebraska when she meets Mitch and they open their own cat-sitting business, courting over leftovers and re-runs.  Now that is bound to be a winner.

But for now I am embracing rebellion and moving forward.  To NaNo!

P.S. Please immediately visit Google and type in “excited,” then Images and see what comes up.  It’ll turn your day around.

P.P.S. Halloween was so wonderful lastnight that I took notes.  Yes, notes.  And have plenty of anecdotes to share with you, complete with pics, in my next post.  When NaNo and Halloween did rock/paper/scissors over who would be posted today, NaNo won.  There was a dispute, something about “I start today and you’re so over,” but I stayed out of it.  Halloween Recap another day!


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