As promised: Halloween favorites

November 3, 2011 § Leave a comment

My Favorite Quote of the Night:

“I love all the sugar- it’s ridiculous!”

And that about sums up Halloween for my three-year-old niece.

“Woo hoo!”- going through her loot.

She. was. a. cupcake.  It was just too much cuteness for such a little person.

Other costume awards go to:
Best Duo: Classic golfer (complete with flat cap, sweater vest, knickerbockers, argyle everything) crammed into the doorway next to Chucky.  It was a jarring sight.  They were both about five-years-old and it was so incongruent, it was hysterical.  Emma ran away, terrified, and jumped into my lap later to say, “That person had one eye.  And an ax.  He could have cut me in half.” That, of course, brought up the discussion that we were sure there was a very nice boy under the mask and that she wasn’t a real cupcake so he wasn’t Chucky.
She didn’t buy it.
Best Costume: a cute little waitress, who took her time behind the crowd, making sure her tray of food was all set to present.  She even had a nametag, apron, diner dress, glasses, and pencil behind her ear.  Loved it.
Best Tactic: “Can I have extra candy if I say, ‘Go Huskies?'”  Why yes, yes you can.
That spread like wildfire and pretty soon we were dishing out extra candy to the whole porch.  But it was all for the sake of our dear Huskies.
The straggler of the group made sure to chant, “Go Cougs!” after getting his candy. 
 There was nothing we could do.
Overall, it was a great night.  We even saw plenty of Power Rangers, Transformers, and Mario Bros. 
I think I scared them with my enthusiasm.

‘Til next year!


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