The ants go marching…

November 9, 2011 § 1 Comment

…to their death, hopefully.

Yes, we have an ant problem.

No, we are not dirty, stinky people.  This is absolutely no indication as to the state of our house.  I keep a clean house, thank you.  I get a kick out of vaccuuming, I really do.

Yes, they were an issue with prior tenants and therefore just came with the house.  They are my nemesis.  I have waged a war against the ants.  Right now we have your standard traps set (I decided against a visual for you all- no one wants to see that) and I just have to leave the house.

Why am I telling you all this?  Mainly because I’ve spent my morning combating said enemy and also posting items from our office to Craigslist, therefore ruminating on anything worthwhile was impossible.  I was killing ants and trying to make a small desk  and twin bed sound like the next necessary additions to a household.  Remember yesterday’s post? After rearranging for my Craigslist photo session, it now looks like this:

I don’t go in there.

Oh- and while I was posting that picture, I saw the reflection of flames on the vaccuum in front of me (my weapon of choice against the ant army) and went into the kitchen to discover a small fire on the stove.  After yelling, “Fire, honey!  FIRE. HONEY.” to my husband, he saved the house.

His egg-making endeavor gone awry.

This whole “working from home” thing is going real swell. 

P.S. If anyone is looking for a cute little desk or comfortable twin bed in good condition, hit us up.  That is, if we don’t set it on fire first.


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§ One Response to The ants go marching…

  • ma says:

    OMG, LOL, and BOO HISS on the ants!!!!!! Glad to see the Arm & Hammer solution ……it is a product to ALWAYS have on hand…..a multitude of purposes it will serve. Not the best way to start your day but certainly provides fodder for writng?????

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