Friday Updates

November 11, 2011 § 1 Comment

The desk project is coming along, thanks for asking.

In an effort to avoid mind-altering fumes from the stain my darling husband applied lastnight, our laundry room now looks like where wood goes to be quarantined for Ebola.   The picture below is taken from our kitchen looking at the entrance to the laundry room.

No laundry today.

I didn’t want to do laundry anyway. 

He’s done a fabulous job, sanding his little heart out and staining away.  It looks like store-bought furniture.  For now, we can all only appreciate it from the back door, but soon you will see just how beautiful it is. 

 [Sidenote: Kenny was a dearheart and ran around the house taking these picture for me this morning.  Innocent enough, right? Well, because we can’t get outside using our back door at the moment, he was in and out of the house via the front door.  In his checkered bathrobe.  We’re “those neighbors.”]

Plywood family.

 By this weekend, it should all be dry, installed, and hopefully functional.  And it will be gooooood.  We’ve also done a major house purge and our hallway looks like an aisle at Goodwill, full of stuff ready to be given away. [You know when you look around and suddenly realize how must STUFF you have??  And all of your stuff starts inching towards you until it seems like you’re sititng in it and you can’t breathe and just start grabbing at things, barely giving yourself time to answer “do we need this?” before tossing it in a box labeled “MUST GO”- yeah, that’s been me this week.]

Kenny’s “workshop.” We really need a garage.

 Well, you know what we’ll be doing this weekend. I can’t wait to post the finished product.  If you don’t hear from me by Monday, you will know something has gone awry and I am avoiding you.  Don’t be offended.  I just couldn’t take our disappointment if it’s not finished.

Any projects for you this weekend?  Is your only duty watching the Husky game? Or cleaning the bathroom?  All worthy aims, my friends.

Happy Friday!


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