So much sap.

November 16, 2011 § 2 Comments

I think I fixed my computer. 

That’s right- I fixed it.  Well, technically my security software did, but I pressed the button.  And knew to press it. I got a high-five for it, too, because Kenny didn’t believe me when I told him I did it.

As my tech-savvy husband sat down with my computer the other night, in full doubt that I had “really fixed it,” he ended up cleaning off some other unnecessary icons and notices that always pop up (and that I always scream at).  At the end of the process, we were getting ready to delete the notice I’ve had reappearing since our anniversary, when I compiled every song, picture, and video from our engagement/wedding/honeymoon story and burned it to a disc.  My computer wants me to burn it again.  And keep burning it. 


But as we went to ix-nay the otice-nay, we looked at each other and each murmered, “do you wanna watch it I kinda wanna watch it let’s watch it” and pressed play. 

Oh, are we helpless when it comes to that video.

We both still get chills.  We both still get tears. We both still get all nervous, hearts pounding at the first notes of “Nightswimming.”  Our feet still go numb [okay, maybe only my feet go numb at the thought of walking down the aisle, something that has happened since several months before the wedding.  I wonder how much longer the thought of it will have that affect on me… 🙂 ]

Numb feet. Numb numb numb. And Kenny's crying up there. ❤

There’s something about it being all put to music that just gets us.  We end up two softies sitting on the couch, heads together, looking at each other and blubbering all over ourselves.   And the best part? Feeling so grateful for the magic of that day, so easily transported back to what it felt like, and sitting on the couch still feeling just as blessed that we chose each other.

So much sap, right?  Well, I think it’s healthy.  Go ahead- be sappy today.  Look back, remember, or just look around.  It helps you remember what you’ve been given.



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§ 2 Responses to So much sap.

  • chaco says:

    Love you guys, love this, love sap. Just lots of love.

  • ma says:

    Just thinking back on that day makes me weepy. Seeing how happy and blessed you & Kenny are right now, having chosen one another, just makes my heart sing at how good God is/was in putting the two of you together. So my dear………….remember and “blubber on.”

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