Office Space

November 18, 2011 § 4 Comments

The suspense is killing you, isn’t it? 

You have been unable to sleep, eat, think about anything else.  After this post and this post, you have been counting down the days.  As soon as you find yourself distracted, it is not long before your mind whips back to the mystery that has been haunting you and you raise your fist to the sky, shouting, “Curses, Natalie!  CURSES!!!”

[Can you tell NaNoWriMo is taking over my life? Such drama.]

Before I start receiving hate mail, I have pictures of the pretty-much-finished monster desk.  *Disclaimer: these photos were taken on my little phone and there is minimal space in which to take pictures of such a large piece of furniture, so I hope you forgive me for anything I’m missing.  Cameras for Christmas are gladly accepted.

Just as a reminder, I’m sure we can all fondly remember when the office looked like this (no, not always- we’re not slobs.  This was just while we were cleaning out/measuring/constructing):And then the desk looked like this:Here is the man behind the handiwork, putting it all together and nearly passing out from stain fumes. I, on the other hand, opened the door and quickly snapped this shot before retreating the from office for about two days.  The smell was intense:

And, finally, some pretty-much-finished photos.  We still have some organizing to do and that little filing cabinet goes, but let us focus on the desk (and the large family filing cabinet on the end, which started it all):

And just one more…:

It is delightful.  And Kenny loves it.  I think I will have the most fun playing the “Guess Who’s Side It Is” game with guests.  I bet we can stump ’em.  🙂

P.S. Lastnight was an epic dinner fail.  In a hurried attempt to replace a recipe I thought we already had, I grabbed one off of a food blog I follow without looking very closely.  Let’s just say that after nearly two hours (I mean, we baked the tomatoes, sauteed our hearts out, and pureed this bad boy),  dinner was ready and we had never used so many dishes for one meal.  The result?  Spaghetti-O’s.  That is what it tasted like.  This fancy, soup-from-scratch tasted like what I used to eat as a child, what I could have purchased in a can for $0.99 and finished before my bedtime.  I ended up cramming lettuce in my mouth to help make up for what we sorely lacked in nutrition, as I only ate a few bites of soup and mostly cheesy bread dipped in said soup.

P.P.S. Sorry- just one more thing (looooong post, Natalie).  I am now officially in the holiday spirit.  May I recommend to you the Alexi Murdoch, Ray LaMontagne Holiday or Alex Di Grassi Holiday Radio stations on Pandora.  Avoid She & Him Holiday, surprisingly.  You will end up with plenty of Jessica Simpson and kids from the Disney Channel. And if you think it’s “too early” for Christmas music, like the lady who exclaimed, “What the hell? It’s not even Thanksgiving” in the middle of Starbucks when she tuned in to the music playing after she had already been there an hour, killing all spirit everyone else was enjoying, have fun with that.  I will, in the meantime, still enjoy Thanksgiving with abandon and be transported to a better place with holiday music.  There aint no Thanksgiving music.


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§ 4 Responses to Office Space

  • […] After taking down everything Thanksgiving, I grabbed our Christmas stuff from the shed and went to it.  You know the phrase “It gets worse before it gets better?”  Well, I lived it, friends.  Again.  But at least this process went much faster than the office. […]

  • ma says:

    Mission accomplished!!!!!! Greaaaaaaaaaat office space 🙂 I am so impressed!

  • shannon says:

    cute office space! i want an office now 🙂

    and, i didn’t even know there were holiday pandora stations! love the alex de grassi station- so pretty.
    still trying to find the ray lamontagne one, he’s so dreamy.

    • LOL Dreamy. I hope it still exists, Shannon. I remember listening to it last year, but must admit that I’ve been so stuck on Alex de Grassi that I was recommending Ray from recollection without checking. I hope you find it!
      And if you need an office, Kenny builds custom furniture. I highly recommend his work. 🙂

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