I’m going to DISNEYLAND!

December 2, 2011 § 1 Comment

Truth be told, I started writing this post two days ago. 

When I was supposed to be sprinting to the National Novel Writing Month finish line.

As a lifelong procrastinator, I am easily distracted.  This meant that Facebook, other blogs, and preparing this post DEMANDED my attention as I was writing the last 2,944 words on Wednesday.  Those other things were like tiny children who wouldn’t nap, constantly tapping me on the shoulder and being like, “Hey-hey-hey-whatcha doin’-hey” until I would pathetically give them a sucker click on them in defeat.

There were painful days going through this process, but that very last day… I counted every word and kept double-checking my word count to see how much I really had left. Every other minute.

By around 3pm (didn’t you know this was going to be a play-by-play? You’re welcome), I had made it to 50,001 words [NaNo Note: Yup, 50,001…by my calculations, which I think would have been pretty great, but the official validator first said I had 50,014 and then 50,025 as they say there can be minor discrepencies in the count, but over 50,000 nonetheless]

What got me through? Pandora’s Classic Christmas station and my husband replying, “Great, honey!” every time I announced my new word count. 

Once finished and validated, I felt…lost.  I shut down my computer and wandered the house aimlessly until venturing out to the library before my book was overdue and stopping at the Monkey Grind for some of my favorite coffee.  This also happened to be the scene of my First NaNo Day Breakdown. Where I cried. In public. But on Wednesday, I gave the Monkey Grind this face:

Now, after a dinner out to celebrate, I have new ideas and fresh enthusiasm for some new projects.  What will I do with my “novel?”  Not touch it for a little while.  I think some time apart would do us both some good.  It would probably scream if it saw me coming, and vice versa (obviously). 

And this weekend is going to be Christmas-tastic, full of trees and caroling and choirs and time with family.  SO I would say I am in pretty good shape. Thanks for bearing with me and I promise there are some fun things a-comin’!

Happy Friday, everyone, and happy End of Nano to any participants reading this.  You done good!

*I’m not really going to Disneyland.  That would be awesome, but completely impractical.


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  • ma says:

    Congratulations on re-entry into civilization ( a term I use very losely these days). A job well done and an accomplishment to be proud of!!!!! See, you can complete what you set out to do…..it is all about determination and coffee :-). Love you, daughter!

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