North Bend Christmas

December 12, 2011 § Leave a comment

You know those moments that you just want to freeze and put in your pocket to carry with you always? 

When you try to soak in everything around you and capture the moment in your mind, but know that with every second, the moment is passing and, in essence, leaving you?

First of all, Christmas in and of itself has this affect on me.  At one time I am usually anticipating what’s next and clutching the present (pun intended), panicking as it is slipping away.

The “small town” of North Bend (where we dream of living one day, dear Lord) had a Christmas celebration for the ages this past weekend that bestowed upon us many of those moments.  It was perfection.  The company, the weather, the cocoa, the caroling, the firepits everywhere, the Santa picture, a special viewing of “A Christmas Carol,” the dessert and coffee….pure loveliness, start to finish. 

I literally felt like I should have been getting paid to be on the downtown North Bend Chrismas movie set.  We didn’t rush through the moments, but instead stared wide-eyed in order to take it all in until we were full. I couldn’t have written a better evening.

Even as we were driving home, I noticed that one of the big skyscrapers downtown had lights atop the whole building switching from red to green and Christmas music was playing in our car and I thought to myself, “how do I keep this?”

Well, I think I will keep it here, if that’s okay by you. 

And look forward to more. 



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