Lessons from Julia

December 14, 2011 § 2 Comments


I love Julia Child.

And if you don’t know much about her, allow me. You will love her, too.

She lived her life to the fullest, loving her husband and finding joy in the little things, like the perfect mayonnaise.  She never wanted to be famous, but only wanted to do what she loved, which was to cook and eat.  And to teach others how to love cooking as much as she did. 

People believed in her.  First and foremost, her husband was her biggest cheerleader in any endeavor.  He thought she was the greatest gift to his life and therefore encouraged her through whatever she chose to do (yes, the movie Julie and Julia depicts this quite perfectly and it is precious- they really did make a Valentine’s Day postcard like that).  I most love that she never thought she could be on television- that was Paul’s idea.  He saw his wife as a star that everyone would love.

And he was right.

She didn’t live in the shadow of anyone else (literally or figuratively), was rarely concerned about what people thought of her, pursued what she enjoyed and worked to be great at it.  She didn’t set out to be known, only to follow her passion and help others know how to cook French food.  The fact that she found her niche, filled it, and exploded into a popular figure was just a bonus.  Oh, I know there were days when she didn’t want to make one more meal and got a bit frustrated at cookbook politics and mechanics, but her passion didn’t waver.

Why go on and on about Julia?  First of all, read her book.  You will get lost in her goodness and enjoy her tremendously.  Merry Christmas.  Secondly, I didn’t even know I was going to write about her today.  It has been probably six months to a year since I read her book and I just so happened to find her words on Pintrest.  I thought they were nice.

But then I remembered who she was and how she inspired me.  As I typed, I remembered the admiration I felt for her- her positive attitude, her very nature, and her unassuming success- and felt struck by new meaning behind this Pintrest find. 

I have been too caught up in other things lately, namely measures of success, and losing sight in my passion.  I was turning it into a chore and feeling failure at every turn rather than guarding my reason for being “tremendously interested in it”- because I love it.  So today, I am tucking Julia’s words away and enjoying what I do.  It is a blessing to have the opportunity and I have been ignoring that.  I am embracing it today.

How about you?


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