A college throwback.

December 15, 2011 § 5 Comments

This was my favorite time of year when I was in college.

That is, after finals.  It was actually the WORST time of year for tests and papers when all you wanted to do was bake, Christmas shop, and watch “Elf.”  The anticipation for what came next, after everything education-related was said and done, was wonderful and horrible at the same time.  Dreaming of your mom’s cookies or a working fireplace or your flannel sheets in your old room, where you could sleep in and only read recreationally, didn’t exactly help with processing all of the past quarter’s information.  Neither did the Christmas music wafting from your roommate’s computer down the hall.  You know, the roommate who was done with her finals.  But you certainly couldn’t blame her.  It’s exactly what you were planning to do in the end, those still studying be damned.


But the second that last final was brought up front or that last essay was submitted, MAN did it feel good.  We’re talking jumping-in-the-ocean-on-a-hot-day good.  Throw-your-arms-open-and-run-through-a-field good.  Removing-a-backpack-full-of-rocks good.  Then, alongside your roommates, you could decorate the house Christmas tree, cut out paper snow flakes, maybe turn up the heat above 65 degrees, and knit while watching Christmas movies… with abandon. 

While eating Chinese food.

You would pack up your car for the drive home and peel away from the curb (as much as your ’91 Chevy Cavalier could “peel”), feeling cozy already. You would wish your slippers weren’t packed away or you would wear them while driving.


And you would forget to check your grades until your brother asks you what you got.  Then, and only then, does school enter your thoughts.  School, that far away place you could barely remember because now, you were home.  

Now, it was Christmas.

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§ 5 Responses to A college throwback.

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  • I went to college (and grew up in) Florida (GO GATORS!) so turning the heat up at Christmas is something to which I cannot relate. But I can totally relate to that feeling of 2 full weeks off with nothing to do but take in the holidays. No bills, no mortgage, just livin’ off your parents’ in their house, using their laundry, eating their food. Oh, to be in college again! SIDE NOTE: Love the blurry street photo. Did you take that? Great imagery–don’t we all feel a little blurry during the hoildays?

    • Hi Heather! Even reading your description just now brought back the old feelings of relaxation all over again! It’s too bad we don’t really know how good we have it at the time, huh? And no- didn’t take the photo but got it from Pintrest, where I am addicted to the many many wonderful pictures and lovely things. Thanks for being here!

  • I love the random afterthought of “while eating Chinese food!” Classic!

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