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December 19, 2011 § Leave a comment

I take weekends off.

Did you know that?  Hardly any technology on Saturdays and Sundays. I forget to tweet, only browse Facebook if someone gets engaged, feel no pressure to check my email, and don’t even like any sound that my phone has to make.

Perhaps this isn’t the best idea, but I can’t help it. It is as if I mentally punch out of the social media clock on Friday and don’t even think about it until Monday.  And it feels good.

I am about to take that one step further.  I have decided to take a mini-Christmas break.

Yes, I know I am no longer in college.  I am not really going anywhere and am pretty sure my husband would mind if I packed up for my parent’s house.  This, instead, is a bit of an updating break, if you will.

And I’m kinda excited about it, but also a little bit terrified.

 Excited because…there is a ton of goodness on my plate at the moment- projects, ideas, assignments- that I will be dusting off and putting some energy into.  And I will be focusing on some Godness (see what I did there?) as we celebrate the birth of our Savior.

Terrified because…please don’t leave me. Yes, part of me wants you cuddled around your family, your computer shut down and your fancy phone turned off, too.  I want you so occupied with Christmas cheer and the joy of giving that you forget about the blog world. I want you another pants size bigger from too many Christmas cookies and too much nog. 

BUT- I kinda still hope you end up in my neck of the woods because in my stead, I have tons of fun stuff planned all next week.  I’ve been working hard at getting it all ready like a sub’s lesson plan and really- it will blow your mind.  Look forward to a couple of pulls from the past and some as-yet-to-be-released treats that will leave you laughing. Or crying. Or both. One may or may not involve a……wait for it………vlog.

I will be back, better than ever, the week after Christmas and even hope to unveil a surprise for 2012.

Oh wait- before I go, a few recommendations ala A Christmas Carol font:


I will be enjoying all of the above, too, so essentially, it will be like I am right there next to you. Relishing. [So creepy, right?] Enjoy some archive fun, some new releases, and a Merry Christmas!

Bless you.


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