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December 21, 2011 § 1 Comment

**Today called for the posting of another submission that has been sorely neglected.  But I must warn you: it is wedding related.  And it’s long. And my husband helped (Groom’s thoughts italicized).  You just might fall for him, too.**

We elected not to see each other until the walk down the aisle.

Our wedding planner, DJ, photographer, and plenty of opinionated friends let us know that this was not advised. 

“Oh, the stress!  Won’t it cramp your timeline?”

“Won’t it be so overwhelming for you?”

“But, what about your MAKEUP? It should be fresh for pictures!”

Turns out this was quite the unpopular road to take according to the professionals.  We didn’t realize it would cause such a stir! But we never were ones to take the road predominantly traveled.

So did we wait to see each other on our wedding day?

Yes, we did. 

When I arrived to the site, the girls had been there for several hours. Our wedding coordinator told us to be quiet so Natalie wouldn’t know we were there. I knew she was getting ready, and I was so curious what she would look like.  I wasn’t nervous, just…ready.  I knew everything was going to get done and now it was just time for me to get married. 

As the bride, you worry about the details.  It is just what you do.  After planning for months, how do you sit back? No matter who you’ve delegated to, how many lists you’ve written, it is so very hard to let go on the wedding day.  The worst part?  I didn’t have a clock.  I felt like we were running late all day.  When I heard the boys had arrived, I felt a jolt of excitement and fear- “Holy-cow-he’s-here-and-it’s-almost-time-but-there’s-still-so-much-left-to-do!” And that was before I ripped my dress.  Yes, I said RIPPED. MY. DRESS.  But that’s another story. 

After getting pictures taken with my groomsmen, they shut me up in the room and said Natalie was going out for pictures.  My heart skipped when I heard the girls talking, but I couldn’t see her.

Let’s just say that pictures of the guys are totally footloose and fancy free.  They’re running all over, playing horseshoes and teatherball.  Those of the girls, on the other hand, well…I am glad we had some laughs and I remembered to breathe.

So serious.

I had no idea how I would feel when I saw him.  All I knew was that every time I thought about walking down the aisle, my feet went numb.  They still do.  Even up until I was walking up the stairs, with the music playing, I was worried about snagging my veil and my dad keeping up with me.  He and I were the last ones left downstairs.  Everyone else was upstairs and waiting.

I knew Natalie was walking up the stairs, but I couldn’t see her.  The first thing I saw was the back of the top of her head. And as soon as I saw that, I totally lost it.  I broke into the biggest emotional sob of happiness and awe at how beautiful the back of the top of her head was.  It was as if all the years of knowing her were contained in this single moment.  It was more than I could keep inside.  The pastor put his arm around my shoulder.  As the tears were gushing out of my eyes, I looked up and saw her walk down the aisle with her dad and I knew that I would have to compose myself before she got to me.  I didn’t want her to start crying.  I did what I could…and met my bride.


I felt tears coming for an instant when struck by all of the people.  But after that, I will never forget what it felt like to experience every care literally melting away. I couldn’t have told you about the centerpieces or the menu if you asked me in that moment. I never even saw the huge flower arrangements up at the altar. When I finally saw him, I only saw him.  There were no guests, no parents, not even a wedding party.  Just him.  There were tears in his eyes, but a smile in his face. And I felt total peace.  This was it and it was right. 

We still thank God for that moment and the rest of the ceremony, for knowing completely that it was as it should be.  No matter what else went well or wrong, we wanted to have that memory.

And it was good.


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  • ma says:

    Happiness wrapped up in a delightful couple. What a “gift” to remember, especially at this gift giving time of year 🙂

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