Real Simple

December 23, 2011 § 4 Comments

**Diving a little deeper into comparison and want, friends.  Re-reading this got me thinking all over again and I figured there may be others in the same fallible, human boat (just maybe).  It hit me especially hard in this season of wanting and Christmas lists. Greater is our God who merely wants our love.**

I find myself wanting, all the time.

In the past week, I can safely say that I have wanted (really wanted) the following:

  • Longer hair
  • a nice camera
  • to rewind time
  • a dog
  • a new car
  • to look like her
  • and her
  • different gifts
  • a better body
  • to have said something else just then
  • overnight success
  • new pants
  • milk
  • cable
  • free coffee again
  • a cabin on a lake
  • creativity
  • and sleep.

Tough, huh?  And this is not even the complete list, to be sure, but a mere sample.  Most of the items are frustratingly reoccuring, sneaking into my thoughts when I am vulnerable and distracted, making themselves at home before I have a chance to show them the door.  Some of these wants were fleeting, entering my mind for just a moment before being replaced by a more urgent need, such as hunger or Hulu. What is constant, nonetheless, is wanting something And I don’t know how to turn it off.

The tricky part is the line between want and need,  but only because I make it that way.  I can justify most anything as a need. And I give myself the room to covet what someone else has or dwell on what I am without. I am so overcome by the list, ever-growing, of what I want that I don’t appreciate what I have. Instead, they have what I want therefore I need it.

 It makes me tired, fighting against an inevitable comparison when taking inventory of what I have versus what other people have.  As I was thinking about this, my mind  wandered over to God.  What does God want?  Nothing on my list, that’s for sure.  It really just boils down to this:

Huh. He. is. enough.  Suddenly all of those wants aren’t as dire as they were when I was being swallowed up by the world.

His standards are different, God’s and the world’s. We don’t have to “keep up” with Him- He is unchanging. He wants so much more for us than the next best thing.  If we’re striving after that, then we will always be behind.  He knows just how fleeting the things on that list are, how if we found our worth in them than we will never be satisfied. 

His simple truth helps quiet the wants that make me feel small, incomplete, or lacking.  I am to feel precious, uncommon, and whole- no matter my circumstances, because those are bound to change like the tides.  Of course, this is easier said than done, but that is what it means to be human.  “If at first you don’t succeed…”  

Oh, I’m still struggling to stay afloat in this, friends, but I feel like this reminder is the PFD I needed. Let us be released from our lists and remember that we are not in want.  God is enough.

[Well, I consider milk to be more of a need, but you get the point.  :)] 

Originally posted September 29, 2011


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