Future lookin’ bright.

December 27, 2011 § 2 Comments

**This is one of the reasons I blog: being able to take a look back without digging through notebooks and praying I wrote it down.  As we look back while heading into 2012, I am blessed beyond measure at the changes that have since happened (the ending of #8 which led to the fruition of #7, #6= my wonderful nephew, Jack) and those things that have remained the same.** 

Top Ten Reasons to Salute 2010/Welcome 2011

10.) This time last year I was preparing to take Save-the-Date pics and living in a freezing apartment. I am
currently sitting in a cozy house, whisper-distance from my husband. Win.
9.) As of November, I began a Book Club.  FIN.A.LLY. So far we have covered polygamy, the politics of food, and are soon to discuss our first president. Sitting around, chatting for hours comes naturally
to us all, but now it’s about books. And brunch.
8.) I came to manage the Stone Way Diva Espresso, which has had its ups and downs, but mostly sounds a little bit better when I tell people what I do and makes me feel like I have some worth when I’m going in to make latte after freakin’ latte. Which leads me into…
7.)…praying that I find something else that lends itself to my gifts and passions i.e. reading, helping people, laughing, listening and coffee.  Totally qualified.
6.) I got to hang out plenty with a wonderful niece, Emma,  and am going to be an aunt once again come this summer to a child whose name may or may not be Carson Parson. One thing we know- he’ll be a cutie.  I mean, really:
Lamb. Of. God.
5.) I began to exercise regularly last year and hope to keep up that routine.  Well, “begin again” is more like it. The holidays were rough, you understand.  Okay- so I haven’t done so hot since before the wedding. I’ve, as they say, “let my proverbial self go.”  There, I said it.
4.) I have some pretty unbelievable friends and family whom I often can’t believe God put in my little life. I thank Him every single day for these people and do my best to honor them.  I just hope they know I feel blessed to know them.  (Disclaimer to my fam- I’d put pics of you all on here, but I would like to enjoy the rest of my 20’s. You know who you are.)
Friend family. The best kind.
3.)  Simplicity.  That is my key word for this year.  You know the Robin Williams blockbuster, “Patch Adams”?  Well, I don’t remember that much either, but I do remember that he makes an elderly lady’s dream come true by making it possible for her swim in a big pool of pasta.  Spaghetti, to be exact. The scene ends with a shot from above, looking down on her in snow-angel-form, swimming in her spaghetti.  Friends, I want to swim in pasta.  After a crazy 2010 full of moving,  planning and having a bomb wedding, a honeymoon (wait- I’m leaving Seattle, but not going to Alaska?), being in another wedding soon after, my birthday, settling in, Thanksgiving, mom’s birthday, the Holidays, Kenny’s birthday, and finally a new year, I am ready to slow down. Back to the basics, friends. I adore having very few commitments in a week and being able to spend the evening playing card games with Kenny while eating homemade pizza and/or reading. I hear God better in those times, too, when there’s less going on to drown Him out. I have bad enough hearing as it is.
2.) I must pay homage to this man I now call husband. I call him that quite a lot, actually, as it still feels foreign to my tongue and even though several months have passed, I daily find it surreal.  Marrying him has been the biggest blessing of my life, one that I thought I was totally prepared for but soon realized I wasn’t in the slightest. Just because we had been together a long time and knew we enjoyed each other’s company (and hoped to until death did us part), didn’t mean we were all set for being his and him mine, day in and day out. I constantly invite and face the gravity of my role as partner to him, the one he wakes up to and the one he chose to spend his life with. I think that is important, recognizing the magnitude of that choice.  Yes, of course I have my moments of, “Well, buddy, aren’t you just too lucky that this fine gal chose to marry you, huh?” but those are generally due to my completing chores I hate and other selfless acts he doesn’t always recognize.  🙂  Outside of those times, I am mostly humbled by the fact that life is quick and precious, and I will be the one to witness Kenny’s the rest of the way through, as closely as one possibly can.
You know, there are days when I pause just to look at him, amazed at his generosity, kindness, and knowledge, and praise the God who knew the plan all along.
And #1 is…..) Well, God. To be honest, anything else would be plain crazy. He walked me through an insane 2010, will hold my hand through 2011, and will pretty much be #1 in any countdown I dare to create in future years.  This list would not exist if not for Him, who blessed me with numbers 2-10 and beyond. He is good.
That’s all, folks.  If you read through this whole post, I salute you, too.
Here’s to 2011- may it be as grand as the last (year, that is, not 2010- that’s impossible).
Originally posted January 3, 2011.

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