Tea and yoga pants

January 13, 2012 § 8 Comments

There is something to be said for good friends.

Okay, there is A LOT to be said/shouted/praised/honored about good friends.

They finish your sentences, think your funny, and tell you when you have food in your teeth.

They see straight through you and are usually right when you should dump/call/marry that guy.

They drop everything if you need them to…mourn, celebrate, help, talk, dance, encourage, or battle.

They say they will pray for you.

And they mean it.


I have the privilege of meeting with two of my best friends each week.  We wear yoga pants, drink tea, check in about life, and study the Bible.  Yes, it is as fantastic as you think it is.  We are fairly organized about it, too.  There are snacks and someone leads discussion when necessary.  We even try to stick to our two-hour block of time (ha.  haha.).  On top of going on walks, getting coffee, or any of our other time spent together on a regular basis, this time is weekly set aside and guarded by all of us.


I know that there is a place for me each week.  I know that when we settle in to our spots on the couch, I can be myself.  They wouldn’t have it any other way, even when the rest of the world would rather me be someone else entirely. 

I surely count it as a blessing and know that it won’t last forever .  And even though we can’t look each other in the eye when talking about change, it will come.  Gah, it will come. 

But for now, we relish.

And tell each other about shows like this:

So thank you, friends- for your time, acceptance, and for Downton Abbey.  My life is all the better for it.

Have any big plans with friends this weekend?  If not, catch up on Downton Abbey.  It’s a win-win.  In the midst of seeing out-of-town friends and hanging with my niece, I will be watching this show.  You’re welcome.


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