Snow Day 2012

January 16, 2012 § 2 Comments

Snow came to Seattle this weekend!

It was all over Facebook, people Instagramming it up and whatnot, and I gotta tell ya- I. was. giddy.  We were already excited for what we had planned, but the fact that there was snow made it marvelous. 

When we got our first dusting on Saturday, Kenny was out with his buddies playing soccer and I stayed behind to bake and watch Downton Abbey.  And watch the snow.  I mean… heaven.

And yesterday was one of those days where your plans fall apart and you get to run around in the snow with your husband and enjoy life. 

You know, one of those days. 


We woke up to snow and headed off to church, where we saw family and learned my niece was under the weather and we would’t be spending the day with her, poor lamb.  So instead we headed over to Redmond for Kenny’s soccer game, sans Emma, which we learned was cancelled right as we pulled into the parking lot. 

We played some soccer anyway.


When we were pretty frozen, we found ourselves at one of the best coffee shops. Ever. The owner of Victor’s Celtic Coffee Co. rang us up and I could have listened to his Irish accent for the rest of the day.  Instead, we consumed hot chocolate topped with chocolate whipped cream and talked about the future.


The couple next to us was NOT having a good time, but we pretending not to be listening by taking pictures.


We left them to work out their problems and walked through Redmond, landing in a Half Price Books and finally solidifying our Julia Child obsession by purchasing our own copy of Mastering the Art of French Cooking.  It was momentous. 

Kenny cooked a fish dish in honor of our purchase and even though I can’t decide if it looks gross or good in the picture, it was delicious.  Very rich.  Very French.


The perfect weekend, in the most unexpected way. 

Thank you, snow.  Please feel free to stick around.


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