It’s melting, melting…

January 20, 2012 § 2 Comments

The worst is over.  So they say.

The snow has been glorious and I have felt extremely blessed to be home with my husband to enjoy it.  We may or may not have gone sledding down our hill at 11pm lastnight.  On a huge Hefty bag.

Okay, we did.

But while we were out taking our walk yesterday, I was struck with another memory from our time in Haines.  As I looked down at the gear I was wearing, I had to smile.  You see, donning the snow boots, ski pants, ski coat, gloves, and hat is the norm in the winter in SE Alaska.  Every day.  To go to work, to go to church, to take out the garbage.  A pile of winter wear was always by the front door in various states of defrost. 

Yes, I got used to this in the winter of ’07.  Leaving the house with a wet head was not an option if I expected it to dry instead of freeze and my backpack was never without a change of shoes/pants for once I reached my destination and left my boots/ski pants at the door. 


There was one particular weekend, however, that I was over it. 

I wanted to wear a cute outfit, not longjohns.
My “cute sweater” pile had gone untouched for months in favor of more practical layers. 
I wanted to go on a date with Kenny and wear shoes that weighed less than 5 lbs. each.

Since we walked most everywhere every day, we had planned to take Kenny’s 4Runner out and about on our special evening in order to leave some layers behind. However, we didn’t end up on the same page about that dream  and after a nice dinner at my house, we were getting ready to go and it appeared that the 4Runner had been left out of the equation.
I ended up irrationally upset.
“I just want to wear normal shoes!” I was shouting sharing. 
But in a huff, I piled on the snow gear, ruining my hair with a hat,  and took off stomping through the snow to the community play.  Imagine my reaction as I proceeded to slip on some ice on the way and cut my hand, bleeding all over my favorite wool gloves from Ireland (no getting a replacement pair) and bruising my talebone.

[Um, current Natalie is not proud of past Natalie’s handling of the situation from this point on.  Just let that be noted.]

Tears.  More shouting sharing.  Then the silent treatment.  For the rest of the evening.  It only got worse when we tromped home and as I was cleaning my gloves, I realized I had lost my new favorite lip balm in the fall.  That was it.  I took off without a word to poor, baffled Kenny, weakening my “I’m ready for marriage” argument and determined to find it in a snow bank even if it meant digging all night. 

And I did (find it, that is).   

Overreaction?  All of it.  Justified? Not really.  Really the only blemish on a memory bank full of snowy adventures in beloved Haines?  Yes.

And worthy of a chuckle as I excitedly “trudged” through our meager 6″ (by Haines status) yesterday, appreciating every second of it and thankful for my snow boots.

Though it still ruined my hair…   😉




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