March 6, 2012 § 5 Comments

I’ve been praying a lot.

I like it.  Turns out all of the time I’ve spent looking to myself for answers and guidance has gotten me nowhere.  Weird.  *bashful shrug*  Prayer it is.

It’s especially awesome when you’re right in the middle of talking to God, most likely asking Him for something (as we usually do) and He gives it.  Right there.  No, not a pony.  Nothing like that.  Something smaller. Something you really have to look for. 

He does answer.

Kenny and I were exploring some houses this weekend.  We were walking around some property when Kenny calls me over to this little playhouse and points out a tiny bird he assumes just landed at his feet.  The little chickadee (I swear that’s what it looked like) was huffing and puffing and clearly in distress.  It didn’t fly away when Kenny leaned down to touch it, pick it up, or lightly atttempt to put its haggard-looking wing back in its place (which didn’t work). 


I didn’t like this.  Something was wrong.

We walked around a bit more and I just kept thinking that I wanted it to fly away.  To be okay.  “Do you take little wild birds to the animal hospital? I think I saw it on TV…is there an animal hospital nearby? I could look on my phone…”  And so went my inner dialogue while we kept walking. 

Of course, I made my way back to sad bird. And I prayed.  I asked for a sign of what to do.  Did God expect me to gather it up in my coat and do what I could to find it help?  Did it even really need help?  I couldn’t just walk away not knowing.  Should I just let it be because this is how things go in the life of a little bird in a random yard? The Circle of Life and all.  I just wanted to know.

Kenny came back over and we tried giving it some water.  It wasn’t thirsty.  So, we decided to leave.  There as nothing else for us to do. But first, we prayed.  And as Kenny spoke the words, the bird began to hop.  Hop hop hop.  And before he could say “amen,” the little bird up and flew away.

Oh, the joy. I turned to Kenny and exclaimed, “I prayed for that!  I just wanted a sign, to know what to do!  And it flew away!”  It was one of those moments- the kind you need to remember when your other prayers seem unanswered or everything’s going all wrong.  He hears you. Kneeling in the grass, huddled around an anxious bird, He was listening. Maybe you think that the bird caught its breath, had enough of me in its face, and took off.  But really- my heart was full, knowing that God cares about me, the chickadee, and everything else great and small. 

And I was encouraged. 


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